ARU To Replace Qantas With Westboro Baptist Church As Major Sponsor


Following the controversial remarks of Wallabies player Israel Folau, the ARU has announced that they will be replacing their naming rights sponsor Qantas with a brand that better reflects Folau’s views, the Westboro Baptist Church.

“It’s a difficult situation we find ourselves in having to balance the beliefs of our player with the beliefs of our sponsors,” said an ARU Spokesperson. “But ultimately it is the players who make this game, not the suits so we decided to back our player and embrace his beliefs and the people at the Westboro Baptist Church jumped on board to help us move forward.”

Asked whether the controversial Church with it’s extreme anti-gay stance could be a detriment for rugby union in Australia, the spokesperson replied: “Have you seen our ratings and attendances lately? We can’t do more damage to the brand than what we’ve done thus far.

“Heck, hopefully the Westboro Baptist Church can come and picket our next match and boost the numbers.”

The (un)Australian reached out to the Westboro Baptist Church for comment, to which they yelled: “GOD HATES YOU! You are cursed and will rot in Hell for all eternity and go Wallabies get behind them like Satan for this year’s Bledisloe Cup!”

Mark Williamson

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