Lest. We. Forget Yassmin Abdel-Magied This ANZAC Day


News Corp, publishers of The Australian, Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun have called upon Australian’s to take a moment this ANZAC day to pause and reflect on Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

“ANZAC day is a sacred day on the Australian calendar and last year what Yassmin wrote was I think we can all agree the most hateful statement ever recorded,” said News Corp editor Ian Outrage. “I mean how dare she comment on Australia’s immigration policy.”

“Who does she think she is. The only people who should speak about immigration are Lord Dutton and our stable of balanced and reasonable commentators.”

Asked whether the reaction to Ms Abdel-Magied’s ANZAC Day tweet last year referencing Manus, Nauru, Syria and Palestine was over the top, Mr Outrage shouted: “What you failt o condemn what she said? Typical of you inner city leftie’s, sneering at the working man, guessing you’ll be working for the ABC next. You people sicken me.

“You should be more like Miranda Devine or Andrew Bolt, no one accuses them of being biased or unhinged.”

Mark Williamson

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