Anger As PM #ScoMo Places Australian Flag Pin On His Left Lapel

Scott Morrison

The Right wing media is in uproar today after Australia’s latest Prime Minister #ScoMo placed an Australian flag pin on his left lapel.

“I’m outraged, sorry what are we talking about?” Asked Shock Jock Andrew Bolt. “Oh that’s right #ScoMo pinning the Australian flag on his left lapel. What a disgraceful thing to do.”

“How dare he bow down to inner city latte sipping warmist leftie elitists!”

“Doesn’t he realise who put him in power?”

When asked whether he intended to apologise for the lapel pin faux pas Prime Minister #ScoMo said: “I meant nothing by it I was simply following protocol. However if I have offended anyone in the media I humbly apologise and as a show of good faith I shall have my left arm amputated.”

Andrew Bolt when told of the Prime Minister’s offer said: “Good to see common sense prevail. However #ScoMo is no Tony Abbott. Prime Minister Abbott had the whole left side of his brain labotomised prior to taking office, I’d like to see #ScoMo follow suit.”

Mark Williamson

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