Dutton Family Scrabble Night Ruined After Peter’s Failed Challenge


The Dutton family’s weekly Scrabble night was ruined this week after the family’s patriarch Peter launched an unsuccessful challenge against his Daughter.

“Everything was going along swimmingly until Peter decided to challenge his daughter’s use of the word fewer,” said a Family Spokesperson. “Peter felt that the word was not only spelt wrong but also German thus making it ineligible.”

“When his challenge was unsuccessful he called for a military coup and sent his children to bed.”

When asked whether next week’s Scrabble night would be held the Family Spokesperson replied: “No we will put Scrabble on the pile of games that can no longer be played in the Dutton house.”

“Games such as Battleship, due to Peter stopping all the boats and Twister where Peter’s ability to take on reptilian form make him almost unbeatable are all banned.”

“We also can’t play poker as Peter gets most upset when someone claims they have an au pair.”

Mark Williamson 


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