“ScoMo & Frydenberg 4Eva” Carved Into Capital Hill Tree


Images have been released of a fresh carving on a tree just outside Parliament House on capital hill. The image shows the phrase “ScoMo & Frydenberg 4Eva” etched into a lone oak tree on the lawn of the iconic Australian grounds.

After fronting the media on Monday morning, Josh Frydenberg seemed to act rather coy and elusive, almost skittish.

“Yeah, I carved it there over the weekend. It’s just an exciting new stage in Australian politics, so I wanted it to be immortalised, so Scott could always see it”.

When questioned about the many Australian Prime Minister and Deputy relationships that have broken down over the past decade, Scott Morrison became agitated and defensive.

He began to seem emotional before yelling at the press: “You don’t understand our friendship! It’s different… it’s unique!”

Since the carving has appeared, a lone, cloaked figure has been seen skulking around the tree, often leaving potatoes by the roots, seemingly as some sort of form of a memorial.

GK Kidd


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