Tim Wilson Denies Relative Influenced Inquiry Into Castaways


Liberal MP Tim Wilson has been accused of unethical behaviour after seeking a testimony from high profile volleyball and distant relative Wilson into an inquiry on castaways.

“I’ve hardly had any contact with Wilson over the years other than lightly tapping him over the net at family picnics,” said Tim Wilson, head of the parliamentary committee examining Labor’s policy on castaways. “The real scandal here is Labor’s plan to put a tax on long white beards grown by men stranded on desert islands for five years.”

“I didn’t expect to cop a serve for appearing before the committee and I’m feeling rather deflated,” said Wilson, who manages Tim Wilson’s ball related leisure pursuits fund.

Questions have since been raised about the participation of Brian Wilson in the parliamentary inquiry into 1960s surf music, Owen Wilson in the inquiry into stoners, Rebel Wilson in the inquiry into defamation cases and Woodrow Wilson in the inquiry into former US Presidents.

Peter Green

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