Old Man On Bus Shocked To Learn That His Ticket Doesn’t Cover A Seat For His Bag


Barry Johnson of Annandale was shocked to learn on a recent bus trip to the city that the ticket he purchased only entitled him to a seat and not his bag and umbrella to a seat as well.

“You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when some young lady asked me to move my bag off of the seat so that she could sit down,” said Mr Johnson. “I just assumed that by paying for a ticket I got to sit down and put my bag and brolly next to me so that I don’t forget them.”

“Also I didn’t really want to sit next to any riff raff on the bus. I live in a good area but we go past the damn University so you get some trendies on the bus occasionally.”

A spokesperson for Transport NSW said of the incident: “It is quite common for older people mostly men but occasionally women to not know that they are not entitled to put their bags on the seat.”

“It is a new world that they are facing and a lot of them are scared, confused and sometimes angry. We ask fellow commuters to approach them with caution especially if they are holding or reading a copy of The Daily Telegraph or The Australian.”

“In fact if they are holding a copy of The Australian it’s best to just stand as there’s a high likelihood that they may injure you with their elbows whilst they try to fold the paper into a readable size.”

Mark Williamson 


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