Morrison Cries To Mum About Having To Return To School


Interim Prime Minister little Scotty Morrison has refused to get out of bed and get ready for his first day back at school. Complaining to his Mum that: “It’s not fair, I don’t wanna go and that mean and nasty Bill Shorten keeps picking on me.”

“Scotty didn’t have a great morning today, it was a bit of a struggle to get him out of bed and onto the school bus,” said Mrs Morrison. “But once he got on the bus and saw his good friend Barnaby was back, well he perked right up.”

When asked how it felt to be back at school little Scotty Morrison said: “I didn’t want to go but once I saw Barnaby on the bus I remembered just how much fun school can be.”

“Like this one time Barnaby and I snuck up behind Christopher Pyne and tripped him, that was so much fun especially as Christopher ran away crying to Julie Bishop.”

“Who knows what we’ll do today Barnaby was saying something about cutting some blokes lunch, that sounds like fun.”

School aka Parliament resumes on Monday the 11th of February with a series of house assemblies before classes resume on Tuesday.

Mark Williamson

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