Perrotet To Compensate All Gambling Premises Affected By Train Disruption

NSW Premier (for now) Dominic Perrotet has apologised to all gambling venues in NSW that were affected by yesterday’s train disruption and promised them all compensation for any losses.

”To all the pokies operators, keno runners, TAB’s and cock ring runners that were affected by yesterday’s disruptions I hereby apologise and promise to make it up to you,” said the Premier. ”Compensation packages will be arranged and we will look at other options to make NSW gamble again.”

”For the immediate future all welfare recipients will be paid in gold coins and they will need to pick them up from their nearest RSL.”

When asked why he was so quick to apologise to the gambling operators as opposed to all other NSW residents affected by the train disruptions the Premier said: ”You’re right, to all real estate agents who may have had to delay open houses yesterday I also apologise.”

”As well I’d like to say sorry to all those high income earners whose cleaners or gardeners were late yesterday.”

”To those affected I want you to know that the NSW Government is here for you, as long as you earn enough to make it worth our while.”

Mark Williamson


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