PM Calls On TV Networks To Create An Aussie SNL So He Too Can Be Outraged


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on Australian TV networks to create a local version of the long running American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) so that he and his Government can be outraged by it.

“I want to see more Australian content on TV,” said the Prime Minister. “I mean isn’t Border Security a top show and if we could get an Aussie version of SNL we’ll that would be great.”

“It would definitely give my Government something to tweet about.”

When asked where he got the idea of an Aussie SNL from the Prime Minister replied: “I was scrolling through twitter you know trying to stop the jokes so to speak when I saw my great mate Donald Trump tweeting about SNL and I thought there’s an idea, I can be angry about TV too.”

“I mean besides the ABC because let’s face it no cares about that.”

So far no Australian network has committed to launching an Australian version of SNL however there are talks of incorporating the US version onto Gogglebox. 

Mark Williamson

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