Richard Di Natale “Furious” Cyber Attackers Overlooked The Greens


Senator Richard Di Natale has expressed his displeasure that the Greens weren’t one of the political parties subject to a cyber-attack reported on Monday.

The attack on Parliament’s servers by a “sophisticated state actor” only targeted the Liberal, Labor and National parties.

“I’m furious, we’re just as important as those other parties”, Di Natale stated in a press release. “We better not find out that they also hacked Katter!”

A source inside an Australian security agency believes that the hackers may well have wanted to target more information but became bottle-necked due to the large amount of information.

“Well there are some 80 terabytes of data in the Liberals ‘au pair’ folder alone, so the hackers may well have just not have had enough time to continue through the files of other smaller parties”, confirmed the source.

When questioned why he thought the Greens weren’t victims of the cyber-attack, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was reported to say “wait, who?”

GK Kidd


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