Cormann Shocked To Learn That The Pizza Hut CEO Doesn’t Personally Deliver Everybody’s Pizzas


Minister for Numbers Matthias Cormann has revealed his shock at learning that not all Pizza Hut customers receive their pizzas personally delivered to them on a silver platter by the company’s CEO.

“When I found out the information I was stunned to say the least,”said the Government’s leading Arnold Schwarzengger Impersonator Senator Cormann. “I just assumed that everybody got their pizzas this way. I mean sure I do have a close personal relationship with the Pizza Hut CEO but doesn’t everybody?”

“It’s not like I give them preferential treatment. I mean I did tell parliament house that Pizza Hut pizzas would be a great option to have in the canteen and they are now served in the parliamentary canteen. But that’s just a coincidence.”

When asked what he would say to ordinary everyday Australian’s who don’t get their pizzas delivered this way or have their flights booked by company directors, Senator Terminator replied: “Start networking, work the phones, press the flesh and when you get a knock-back don’t just leave, tell them that I’ll be back.”

Senator Cormann has pledged to pay for all Pizza Hut pizzas he has consumed over the past 8 years and has also promised to return the complimentary bags of cash that came with his pizzas.

Mark Williamson

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