Australian Tax Payers Happy To Pick Up Cost Of Mathias Cormann’s Three Year Holiday In Long Bay Jail


The Australian public has indicated that it would be happy to foot the bill to enable Mathias Cormann to take a relaxing vacation in any of the nation’s luxury prison resorts.

The Finance Minister and author of The Lonely Planet Guide To Singapore On Less Than $25 Dollars A Day would enjoy three square meals a day, access to the gym and the opportunity to indulge in arts and crafts activities such as hand painting number plates.

“The dude obviously needs a break from trying to keep track of his finances,” said Revesby plumber Gavin Mulligatawny. “In the big house the only thing he needs to be on top of is ensuring he has enough snout to swap for a Mars Bar.”

A spokes-girly-man from Cormann’s favourite travel company Helloworld said that it would be happy to arrange for him to be a guest of Her Majesty, should the company be awarded the tender, wink wink.

Peter Green

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