Government To Appoint Joe Hockey Ambassador To Mars After Learning That America Is Too Close To Stop Him From Stuffing Things Up


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that current Ambassador to America Joe Hockey will be moved to a new role as Ambassador to Mars in the coming weeks. The move is designed to ensure Ambassador Hockey is far, far away during the upcoming election campaign.

“When he was appointed Ambassador to America we felt that we’d gotten rid of Joe and he couldn’t hurt us anymore,” said a Government Insider. “Then all of a sudden he pops up with another controversy.”

“So clearly putting him in Washington wasn’t far enough away, hopefully Mars should do the trick.”

When asked how they would get Ambassador Hockey to Mars given that no other human was yet to visit the planet the Government Insider said: “We’ll figure it out, maybe we can call Helloworld they’re good at getting people moved about.”

“And you know if we can’t get him to Mars maybe we can move him to Nauru, I hear there is room there.”

Mark Williamson

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