Dutton Invites Labor’s Shadow Minister For Home Affairs Over For A Drink Of Polyjuice Potion


Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton has extended an invitation to his Labor counterpart to join him for a round of drinks, in particular, a new cocktail he’s been working on called a Polyjuice Potion.

“A lot of people have me figured out wrong, they think I’m evil and conniving all of the time but that’s not true it’s just some of the time,” said the Minister for the Dark Arts. “Now if only Labor would let me know who their shadow Minister for Home Affairs is so I can have them over, give them the potion and assume their form.”

“I mean have a few drinks and show them the ropes.”

When asked why he was so focused on who will be Labor’s Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Minister Dutton replied: “I think it’s time Labor and in particular Bill Shorten were put under a bit of scrutiny. So tell us, Bill, who is your shadow Minister for Home Affairs and what is your bank account details and dammit just drink the potion.”

“Stop making this harder than it already is.”

Mark Williamson 


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