Taxi Industry Tells Latham To Consider Taking An UBER On Election Night

Mark Latham

The NSW Taxi Driver’s Association has recommended that One Nation (for now) candidate Mark Latham consider taking an UBER on Election night.

“Look we know election night is a big night for some and we discourage everyone from drinking and driving but in Mark’s case we’d rather he take an UBER,” said a Taxi Industry Spokesperson. “We don’t usually recommend anyone taking an UBER but in Mark’s case we will make an exception.”

When asked why they recommended Mark Latham take an UBER the Spokesperson said: “Look a lot of people think it’s all about the time Latham assaulted one of our drivers which we admit is a factor but it’s not the main reason.”

“The main reason is that our drivers just don’t want to have to listen to him. I tell ya he just goes on and on ad nauseam and he’s not interesting at all.”

“I mean who cares about the time he almost became Prime Minister or that week he was a Liberal Democrat. We get it dude you used to be someone move on, get a life, that’s not funded by the tax payer.”

Mark Williamson

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