Psychiatric Assessment And 14 Day Cooling Off Period Introduced For People Wanting To Vote For One Nation


Australian authorities have introduced the world’s strictest anti-One Nation laws in response to recent massacres of basic human decency.

“This country had a reckless situation where just anyone could wander in off the street and into a polling place and cast a vote for One Nation just so long as they could remember their middle name,” said electoral reform lobbyist Gary Preference. “Voters will now be asked to please explain themselves and show that they are not under the influence of too many sausage sandwiches or some rant their Aunty was making on Facebook last night.”

The new laws include a vote buy back scheme where voters can hand in their completed One Nation ballot at a local Police station in return for a ballot paper with a cock and balls drawn on it.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has been going off like cockatoo with its leg caught in a wheat thresher, but this is unclear as to whether this is in response to the new laws or just her usual state of being.

America’s powerful Nutbag Rabble Association (NRA) has thrown its support behind One Nation.

“Offense offense offense is the best response to this sort of legislation,” said NRA public relations officer Thelma Crosshairs. “Luckily for them One Nation is one of the most offensive political parties in the world.”

Peter Green

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