Hanson Warns That Our Strip Clubs Are In Danger Of Being Swamped By My Candidates


One Nation’s leader and head recruiter Pauline Hanson has warned Australians that our strip clubs are in danger of being swamped by her candidates.

“My fellow Australians it is time that we took action, we can no longer tolerate our strip clubs being swamped by my candidates,” said Senator Hanson. “So I am calling on you the people to take action. If you see a One Nation candidate at a strip club or brothel, tell them to go home for some quality Redtube and chill time.”

“We can’t leave these people to their own devices that is why we need them in parliament so I can keep an eye on them.”

When asked whether her party would look at changing the way that it recruits potential candidates Senator Hanson said: “Absolutely not, we will do what we have always done, look under rocks and scrape the bottom of every barrel.”

“Because sure we may sometimes get a dud candidate but that never stopped the Coalition from forming Government. Mock my candidates all you like but they’re no Barnaby Joyce.”

Mark Williamson


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