Tearful Pauline Hanson Tired Of Being Treated Like She’s Black Or Asian


Pauline Hanson has made an emotional appearance on A Current Affair to complain that her party is being discriminated against like some kind of foreigner.

“I’d totally understand the flak we cop if we were a party of funny looking Islams or Africans but we’re just everyday run of the mill white bread nut bags who don’t deserve it,” said the One Nation leader. “Being singled out and demonised. I don’t like it.”

Hanson went on to state that she had her suspicions about Queensland senate candidate Steve Dickson when she noticed him tucking how to vote cards into voter’s underwear at pre-polling booths.

“I’m perfectly okay with Steve encouraging Australians to take up automatic weapons and shoot people as long as they aren’t calling them abusive names while they’re doing it,” said Ms Hanson. “There’s no excuse for using bad language about a woman, unless that woman happens to be Julia Gillard.”

Steve Dickson has vowed to repair his image as a family man by making sure that he only watches mother and daughter acts the next time he visits a strip club.

Peter Green

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  1. Thank you for this post, I very much agree with that persepctive. I wrote an article regarding the recent events which have had a significant impact on the credibility of the One Nation party and Pauline Hanson. It would be great if you could read the article on my blog and let me know what you think 🙂

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