Liberals Tell Candidates To Hold Up On The Homophobia, Racism And Misogyny Until After The Election


The Liberal party has sent a memo out to all of their candidates calling on them to halt the homophobia, racism and misogyny until after the election.

“A couple of our guys and I say guys as you know we don’t pre-select women have been a bit too gung-ho on the old homophobia, racism and misgoyny so to them we say cool it till after the election,” said a Liberal party insider. “As, if we manage to pull this rabbit out of the hat and win we can go nuts with as much homophobia, racism and misogyny as the Murdoch papers can print.”

“Heck did you see what we did this time we were in parliament. We got the whole country to argue over whether the gays should get married. Imagine what we can get up to this time.”

When asked why not just halt homophobia, racism and misogyny all together the Insider said: “Oh that’s a good one I can’t wait to tell that to Peter Dutton he loves a good laugh. Oh wait you’re serious. Typical inner city latte sipping trendie. You just don’t get how real Australians think.”

“Get back to your cafe and stay away from my franking credits.”

Mark Williamson

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