Pollie Pedal Riders Unable To Shake Off Pursuing Abbott


Riders in this year’s Pollie Pedal ride fundraiser have set a cracking pace as they rode to shake off a pursuant Tony Abbott. Who is trying to join the ride despite no longer being a pollie.

“It’s really awkward Tony just doesn’t give up,” said a Pollie Pedal participant. “And he was the one who set the thing up and put in the condition that you had to be a pollie to join the ride.”

“The guy just doesn’t get it, his time has been and gone, can’t he just go off and join a board or something.”

When reached for comment on the ride the former member for Warringah, Mr Abbott said: “It’s good to be back in the saddle. After a few weeks at home, Margie and the girls told me to get on my bike.”

“In fact, a lot of people told me to get on my bike, it’s good to see I have left a legacy.”

Pressed on what he will do once the ride is over the former member for Warringah said: “Well there is a vacancy in the Senate and I know my dear friend Jim Molan has his eys on it. But I think for this countries sake an Abbott in the Senate is just what the Doctor ordered.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to do some research on whether a spill can be called from the Upper House.”

Mark Williamson


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