Sky News After Dark Demands To Be Recognised In The Constitution Or Actually Anywhere

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Sky News After Dark the niche alt-right element of the Sky News network has called on the Government to recognise them in the constitution and has also called on the general public to well actually recognise them and perhaps tune in.

“It’s about time this Government starts listening to what we’re shouting,” said a Sky News Spokesperson. “I mean sure our ratings barely hit double digits but we are important, influential, loud people damnit!”

“So come on please tune in, the Bolt Report’s on tonight followed by Jones and Co, you never know they may say something worthwhile or worth suing over.”

When asked whether it was hypocritical for the network to be lobbying for their own constitutional recognition whilst at the same time lobbying against the recognition of Aboriginal people in the constitution the Spokesperson said: “Hypocritical…oh you’re serious. Clearly you’ve never watched after dark. Hypocrisy is the station’s motto.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and poke Paul Murray with a stick in order to get him ready for tonight’s show.”

Mark Williamson

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