Man Who Walked Out On The Apology To The Stolen Generation Unsurprisingly Against Aboriginal Recognition In The Constitution


The Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton best known for that time that he walked out of the house of representatives prior to the apology to the stolen generation has unsurprisingly came out against Aboriginal recognition in the constitution.

“I’d just like to state that I’m not racist but……I believe that Aboriginal people do not need to be mentioned in the constitution,” said Minister Dutton. “I mean if we start recognising Aboriginals what next, we start treating asylum seekers as though they are human beings?”

“I will not let this country start showing compassion, you have my word on that.”

When asked why he walked out on the apology to the stolen generation Minister Dutton said: “I would like to state that I did not walk out on the apology, I boycotted it.”

Pressed on why he boycotted it, the Minister said: “I had my reasons and I won’t be explaining them to the likes of you. When will you journalists learn not to cross the all mighty Minister for Home Affairs. Hope you enjoy the Federal police raid I arranged for you later today.”

Mark Williamson

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