Balinese Economy Says Thank You Josh Frydenburg For The Tax Cut Fuelled Boost To The Economy


The Balinese economy has sent a big thank you to Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenburg for the tax cuts that the Treasurer implemented following this year’s budget.

The tax cuts has meant that a higher than usual number of Australian’s have headed to Bali for a mid-year get away booze up.

“A Big thank you to the Australian Treasurer, I’ve sold more Bintang singlets this week alone than I usually do in the month of October when all the football teams get here,” said a Local Balinese trader. “And all these cashed up Aussies aren’t haggling as aggressively as they usually do.”

“I’ve only been spat at once and threatened with violence twice, keep it up Australia more tax cuts please.”

When reached for comment on how effective his tax cuts were the Treasurer Josh Frydenburg said: “We’re glad that Bali is getting somewhat of a boom. However I would ask Australian’s to maybe consider holidaying at home in an effort to stimulate our economy.”

“I hear Bundaberg’s nice this time of year and they have a brewery or what about Alice Springs?”

“Still a few more months to climb Uluru. That would make a good picture, standing atop Uluru in your best Bintang singlet.”

Mark Williamson

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