Joyce Argues That A Sperm Becomes A Human The First Time It’s Dad Sees His Staffer Across The Room


Little Aussie battler and current member of Parliament Barnaby Joyce has entered into New South Wales’ abortion debate declaring that in his eyes a sperm becomes a human the minute it’s owner sees their staffer from across the room.

“In my eyes the first time I saw Vikki from across the room and got that glint in my eye, that was the moment that my boy became a human,” said the Member for New England. “Well either that or the moment that I accidentally ripped a hole in the johnny.”

“But that’s beside the point, now are you going to give me some cash for this interview or what?”

When asked why all of a sudden he was commenting on issues left, well more right and centre, Mr Joyce said: “I got families to feed and you know a back benchers pay doesn’t buy much.”

“So you know I’ll keep sticking my head up and either ScoMo and the boys will put me back on the front bench to shut me up or I’ll get a paying gig on Sky News.”

“Hustlers gotta hustle.”

Mark Williamson

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