Hanson Threatens To Urinate On The Senate Floor Unless Someone Pays Her Some Attention


One Nation’s supreme leader Pauline Hanson has thrown a hissy fit in the Senate. Threatening to urinate on the floor unless somebody pays her some attention.

The hissy fit followed the failure of the Senate to listen to Pauline Hanson’s complaints about people picking on her due to her skin being coloured white.

“It’s not fair, I’m shouting the loudest why isn’t anyone listening to me,” screamed Senator Hanson as she stomped her feet. “All anyone wants to talk about is Peter Dutton this and ScoMo that.”

“Maybe I should start helping out au pairs or better yet challenging my leader. Wait that’s a good idea. I’ll challenge for the leadership of One Nation, that’ll attract the cameras.”

It was pointed out to Senator Hanson that she was indeed already the leader of One Nation however she ignored this and was already on the phone to Channel 7 to arrange an appearance on Sunrise to talk about her impending challenge.

Mark Williamson 


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