Alan Jones Launches Into ScoMo Treating Him Like He Was A Female PM


Sydney shock jock Alan Jones has launched into Prime Minister ScoMo in an interview on his show today, going off at the Prime Minister as though he viewed him as a female Prime Minister.

“I do humbly apologise to the Prime Minister, I’m not sure what came over me,” said a contrite Alan Jones. “All this talk of a drought took me to a dark place and made me think of all those women in the past that I have disagreed with.”

“And unfortunately I took those frustrations out on our dear leader Scott or ScoMo as I like to call him.

When asked why he was so quick to apologise to Prime Minister ScoMo whereas in the past he has not been so forth coming Mr Jones said: “Scott is a busy man I can’t have him going off thinking I’m upset with him.”

“He is a good man, someone I would like besides me in the trenches.”

Radio Station 2GB when pressed on how the melt down would effect Mr Jones’ sponsors replied: “Sponsors, what sponsors. Alan lost them years ago.”

Mark Williamson

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