Barnaby Offers To ‘Chew The Fat’ With Pamela Anderson Over Assange


Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has reached out to Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson with an invitation to join in him in Canberra at his office or a seedy pay by the hour motel for a chance to ‘chew the fat’ over Julian Assange.

“Barnaby is very interested in pressing the flesh,” said a Spokesperson for the current Backbencher. “Especially when it comes to pressing it with someone who’s work he has long admired such as Pamela Anderson.”

“Ms Anderson is a powerful advocate, already she has managed to sway Barnaby’s opinion on Mr Assange and that happened whilst Barnaby was watching an old episode of Baywatch. So who knows what will happen when they meet in person.”

When asked why all of a sudden Mr Joyce was keen to speak out on Julian Assange the Spokesperson said: “Barnaby is a very passionate man and sometimes certain issues or people just get his blood pumping.”

Mark Williamson

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