Abbott Tells ScoMo To Not Rule Out Knighting Prince Andrew


In a week where former Prime Minister Paul Keating came out to talk about China another former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has also been doing the rounds advising the Government to not rule out knighting the disgraced Prince Andrew.

“In uncertain times it is always best to stick by a trusted ally,” said Mr Abbott. “I empathise with the predicament Prince Andrew is in, as I too have friends who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.”

“Hopefully though the high court will listen to detective Andrew Bolt and free Cardinal Pell so he to can be demoted to a knight.”

When asked why he was so persistent with knights and dames given the underwhelming public response to them Mr Abbott said: “I think you need to get out of your inner city bubble and talk to real Australians, like Alan Jones, John Laws and Ray Hadley and see what they think about being named knights.”

“Hopefully Prime Minister Morrison, he used to be my immigration Minister you know will see sense and bring back knights and dames and buy me a round table.”

“Then I’ll be able to plan my triumphant return to Warringah with my white knights of the round table.”

Mark Williamson

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