Senator Roberts Suggests Bushfires Be Doused In Corn To Create A Popcorn Smell To Mask Smoke


One Nation’s leading mind (sic) Malcolm Roberts has called on fire fighters to throw tonnes of corn onto the fires to create popcorn. The smell of which would waft into cities masking the more pungent smell of the bushfire smoke.

“I can’t believe nobody other than myself and a friend I met on the internet have thought of this solution,” said an excited One Nation Senator. “Or maybe they have already thought of this and a there’s a Government conspiracy to stop it from happening.”

“I must tell Pauline about my findings, quick pass me my tin foil hat.”

When asked whether he truly believed that throwing highly flammable corn onto a raging fire was in the country’s best interests the Senator said: “Corn does not burn it pops. Haven’t you ever been to the movies?”

“Let me send you a link to a blog I read on the subject it’s very illuminating.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Facing dwindling Coal Industry funding, Scomo’s marketing brain has returned to the Tobacco Industry: Smoking 20 fags a day is safer than living in Australia.


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