Scotty From Marketing Tells People To Use The Drive Thru Instead Of Going Into Maccas

morrison 730

Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has asked the people of Australia to avoid going into McDonald’s and instead use the drive thru, in an effort to help stop the spread of Corona.

“We need to get on the front foot in stopping the spread of Corona but we also must still go about our ordinary everyday lives,” said Prime Minister Scotty. “So I call upon my fellow Australian’s to make small changes to their day to day routine, like using the drive thru instead of going into the restaurant.”

“Also I know sometimes nature calls when at Maccas but instead of using the toilet or going on the floor, do your business in the car park. To avoid spreading germs.”

When asked when the people of Australia could expect to hear of the Government’s plans to stimulate the economy, Scotty from marketing said: “Soon, very soon. My Government will not rush into things we are still assessing the situation and slowly building up the hype for our announcement.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to use the drive thru, if you know what I mean.”

Mark Williamson


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