Hanson Reminds The Nation’s Karens That She’s The Queen Karen


One Nation’s leading attention seeker Pauline Hanson has called out the nation’s Karens to remind them that Karen is in fact her middle name, and to stand back and pay reverence to her as the Australia’s Queen Karen.

“It’s all well and good for these Karens to come out of the woodwork now, but where were they years ago when I was leading the charge as the nation’s Queen Karen?” asked Senator Hanson. ”These Karens refuse to don a mask. Big deal! I donned a burka and walked into parliament!”

”How many Karens have done that?”

When asked why she was so defensive when it came to the topic of Karens, Senator Hanson replied: “Don’t you see that they’re taking away attention that is rightfully mine?”

“This morning for instance, did you see that The Today Show interviewed one of them instead of me?!”

“What next?! Will Kochie be having a panel full of Karens, or worse will the Bolt Report be renamed the Karen Report?”

”When will this nation learn that there is only room for one Karen – and her name is Pauline?!”

Mark Williamson


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