Sky News Blames Shockingly Low Ratings On Cancel Culture

Niche news network Sky News Australia has lashed out and blamed what they call ”cancel culture” for the network’s ridiculously low ratings.

”Damn! Woke leftists have decided to cancel us,” said a Sky News spokesperson. ”They should force people to watch Sky News as a condition of getting the dole!”

”We already have a couple of pensioners tuning in, but sadly Bob and Daisy go out on Thursdays and that means we only rate half as well on that day.”

When asked why the network was looking at blaming cancel culture for their dire ratings rather than the fact that they put out an ordinary, non-desirable product, the spokesperson said: ”How dare you call our team of Andy Bolt, Rita Panahi, Peta Credlin and the other bloke (Paul isn’t it?) ‘undesirable’! ”

”Sky News is Australia’s most loved news network – not only by Rupert, but also Bob and Daisy!”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and give Bob and Daisy a lift to the shops. It’s part of the deal we have with them to keep them watching.”

Mark Williamson


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4 replies

  1. Its a LOAD OF CRAP.

    Its a Product of the Liberal Party.

    The (2) biologically linked.


  2. See one ya see em’ all -i tuned in inadvertently recently -they all- each and every one were in repetative verbal lockstep like high kicking jack boot verbal ballet dances –My youngest commented -she could actually see the bolts holding Credlin’s neck to her lonnnnng head .
    i can understand why only jelly brain Bob + Daisy are the only ones that tune in xx


  3. This website is utter bull shit and should be ignored blocked


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