Chris Kenny Celebrates Nine Months Since Quitting Twitter

Chris Kenny

Sky News Presenter and self-anointed rationalist Chris Kenny today celebrated the nine month anniversary of his quitting the social media website Twitter. In 2012, Kenny became a prolific user of microblogging platform, a decision he later regretted, and then later still, unregretted.

In March, Kenny dedicated a 1200-word column in The Australian Online explaining he could no longer abide the “unbearable darkness” of Twitter and he would be taking the “rational” (sic) decision to “simply bail out.”

The chauvinistic and abusive behaviour of anonymous users from the green left featured prominently among his list of grievances as did the continual harassment and bullying from members of The Chaser comedy troupe.

Since penning the 1200-word tome in March, Kenny has posted some 43000 tweets on subjects spanning the perceived left-wing bias of the ABC, the perceived profligacy of the ABC, rationalism, the perceived vulgarness of the ABC, cricket and the perceived bias of the SBS.


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