NSW Labor Campaign Platform Built on Newsagents, Koalas and Gambling


With a NSW state Election to be held in March new Labor leader Luke Foley (@Luke_FoleyNSW) has launched his campaign via twitter and announced a bundle of new policies that he hopes will win him an election.

So far Foley and his ALP homies have announced plans to build a Koala shelter, restrict the sale of lotto tickets to newsagents and cut the tax rate on horse racing gambling receipts. Intrigued by Foley’s strategy The (un)Australian went to the people of NSW to get their feedback.

At an emergency centre in Campbelltown we asked patient Luke Speers his thoughts, “Look Koalas are great and all but I think I’ve broken my arm, I’ve waited 3 hours to see a Dr, can you check when they’ll see me, I am in so much pain.”

At Baulkham Hills primary school, teacher Katie Holt said, “I do like to buy lotto tickets and the local newsagent is just around the corner, hang on a second it’s raining we need to get the buckets out as the demountable class room leaks when it rains.”

And on the streets of Sydney we talked to Louie of no fixed address about horse racing, to which he said, “I used to love betting on the horses and the pokies, I remember the day they foreclosed on me home, I won $60 on the Melbourne Cup, good times.”

Mark Williamson


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