Abbott Pleased His Misogyny Helps Bring Rudd And Gillard Closer Together

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott is pleased to hear that his misogyny has helped bring warring former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard closer together.

The news of Rudd and Gillard’s thawing of relations was revealed in episode three of the ABC show The Killing Season. When Mr Rudd spoke of his admiration over Ms Gillard’s famous misogyny speech directed at the then-Opposition leader  and now minister for women, Tony Abbott.

A spokesperson for Mr Abbott spoke to The (un)Australian about the issue, saying: “Tony gets a lot of bad press and called a lot of names, like misogynist, out of date,  moron etc, and that’s just from his own colleagues. However, deep down his goal is to bring everyone together and take them to a happy place – the 1950s.

“I mean back in the 50s, Ms Gillard wouldn’t have to worry about misogyny, all she’d need to worry about is making sure the washing and ironing was done.”

Mr Rudd declined to comment on the record, however he insinuated that he’d be willing to chat off the record.

Mark Williamson

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