ABC’s Q&A Rescinds Invite to Transformer Megatron To Appear On The Panel

Tony Jones

ABC’s Q&A program courted controversy this week by having the first ever Australian charged under anti-terror legislation appear on the show and ask questions of the panel.

The one-time terror suspect Zaky Mallah was involved in a heated exchange with parliamentary secretary Steve Ciobo, after which Mallah appeared to lose his cool and talked of travelling to Syria to join ISIS. The appearance of Mallah has been widely condemned and the ABC apologised in a statement released to press.

Also reveled by the ABC in the press release was that following this week’s show it would thoroughly investigate all future guests and audience members, with one such change being announced that next week’s guest, leader of the Decepticons Megatron, had been un-invited to appear on the panel.

Megatron talked to The (un)Australian about having his invite rescinded saying: “I’m very upset by the ABC’s narrow-minded decision to un-invite me onto their show. All I ever wanted to do was take over the world and enslave mankind, since when is that crime?

“I tell you, when I gain power I’ll deal with climate change, which is more than the current Prime Minister will do.”

When asked how they will investigate all future audience members, a spokesperson for Q&A said they had employed another Transformer, Metadata to do the job.

Mark Williamson

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