AFL To Introduce Special ‘Booing Indigenous Players Round’


‘Until now, we’ve ignored one of the most important members of the AFL family: the racists.’

Noting the popularity of the spontaneous booing that Adam Goodes has received every time he touches the ball, the AFL has made the response official by announcing that round 13 next season will be named “Booing Indigenous Players Round”.

“We’ve got rounds dedicated to mothers, Anzacs and Indigenous players, but up till now we’ve ignored one of the most important members of the AFL family: the racists,” said AFL official Vern Speckie. “I’m hoping that players of Anglo-Saxon heritage will get into the spirit of things by taunting the crowd after each goal with a rousing version of the traditional heel and toe polka.”

Fans have greeted the news with enthusiasm, but some have stressed that their booing of Goodes has nothing to do with his pro-active anti-racist stance.

“Mate, there’s a time and place for the sort of thing he does and the footy field isn’t that place”, said fanatical Collingwood supporter Frank “Gummy” O’Malley. “The last thing I need when I put on my Collingwood scarf and my Collingwood hat and my Collingwood Jersey and display my Collingwood tattoo and go to the footy to wave my Collingwood flag around is to be confronted by some bloke making a big song and dance about his heritage and identity.”

“We boo him because he’s playing for the other team and it puts him off his game, it’s got nothing to do with racism”, said Hawthorn supporter Herb Farkus. “I just happen to think it’s far more important to give my team some teeny weeny advantage in a sporting contest than it is for me to display any kind of emotional maturity.”

While not all AFL fans have gotten behind the idea of the special round, there has been 100% support for a proposed “Let’s All Boo Eddie Maguire Round”.

Peter Green

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