John Howard Condemns Bronwyn Bishop’s Apology


Former Prime Minister and tragic cricketer, John Howard has this morning strongly condemned Liberal Speaker Bronwyn Bishop over her apology for false travel claims.

Mr Howard’s condemnation stems from Bronwyn Bishop’s appearance this morning on radio where she belatedly apologised for her actions.

A spokesperson for Mr Howard spoke to The (un)Australian about Mr Howard’s condemnation saying, “When John heard of Bronwyn’s apology he was appalled, as he could not believe that a Liberal member of Parliament, someone who served under Mr Howard himself would have the gaul to apologise.”

“John Howard as Prime Minister never said sorry, not to the stolen generation, not for the Tampa situation and not for his eyebrows.”

When asked what Mr Howard is currently up to, his spokesperson talked of his sudden love of AFL and how he was looking forward to booing on the Sydney Swans this weekend.

Bronwyn Bishop was approached for comment however we could not hear her reply over the noise of the helicopter.

Mark Williamson

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