Joe Hockey Slips, Falls And Accidentally Puts Fist Through The Australian Economy


Treasurer Joe Hockey is recovering today after yesterday slipping and falling. Thankfully, Mr Hockey was not severely hurt as he was able to steady himself by grabbing at and inadvertently punching the Australian economy.

The fall was eerily similar to that of a young Taiwanese boy who slipped and accidentally punched a hole in a million dollar painting at a museum in Taiwan.

A witness to the Hockey incident told The (un)Australian“Joe was walking down the corridors of Parliament house and suddenly slipped, thankfully he was able to use his arms to keep his balance but a casualty to that was the massive hole that he left in the economy.”

Economists are working furiously to assess the damage that Mr Hockey has done with some claiming it’s as high as several hundreds of billions of dollars. While others are claiming it’s a minor blip and the economy will soon recover.

When reached for comment, Prime Minister Tony Abbott simply said: “Shit happens.”

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young was moved to tears when she heard the news, but she was also moved to tears when she saw a butterfly land on a tree branch.

Mark Williamson

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