Scott Morrison Bumps Into Malcolm Turnbull At Prime Ministerial Chair Section Of Officeworks

turnbull morrison

Shoppers reported that Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull both turned and made a hasty retreat from a Canberra branch of Officeworks after accidentally bumping into each other whilst browsing in the prime minister’s section of the store’s executive chairs department.

“Mr Morrison was swinging around in one of those big plush vinyl chairs with his feet in the air and accidentally collected Mr Turnbull who was taking a photo of a faux red leather chair with his phone,” said witness Steve Roundabout of Belconnen.

“After helping Mr Turnbull back to his feet Mr Morrison made an awkward joke about causing a spill, then they both took off out of the shop as fast they could.”

The ACT branch of Officeworks has long stocked office furniture specially designed for members of the federal parliament. It recently sold a range of executive chairs with a reinforced knife proof backing aimed at Labor prime ministers. It was long rumoured that former treasurer Peter Costello had a selection of prime ministerial chairs collecting dust in a storage space.

Mr Morrison put out a statement claiming that he was only in Officeworks buying a fresh supply of staples and a novelty pen holder, and not at all there so he could sit in a super comfy chair and day dream about the day when he would be in power, soon, yes soon, ha ha ha ha ha.

Peter Green

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