Barnaby Joyce Challenges The World Health Organisation To A Punch Up After School


Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce has challenged the World Health Organisation (WHO) to meet him after school in the playground for a punch up after the UN body made disparaging remarks about red meat.

Mr Joyce visibly shook with anger as he told The (un)Australian:“Look it’s not fair, what did red meat ever do to them? I eat it every day and I don’t have cancer, these World Health people are mean and I’m gonna bash them after school.”

The Australian Meat Eaters Association has come out in support of Mr Joyce, with a spokesperson saying: “Oh, it is on, these health people are wimps Barnaby’s gonna bash ‘em, they don’t eat meat but this arvo they’ll be chewing on dirt!”

Reached for comment over Mr Joyce’s challenge, a stunned WHO spokesperson said: “He wants to what? What is it with you Australians, first you challenge the UN and now us? Who’s next? The Pope? The Queen? Maybe you can take some candy from a baby?”

Mr Joyce will be waiting in the playground all this week for the WHO to show up and fight.

Mark Williamson

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