Peter Dutton’s Mum Calls On The Other Kids In Parliament To Play With Her Son


Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton’s mum has today taken aside all members of the government and scolded them for not including her son in their games.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was singled out over his refusal to allow young Peter to join him in a game of national security.

A member of the government who wished to remain anonymous told The (un)Australian: “When Tony was PM, Dutton was always first picked for games even though he wasn’t any good. Then Malcolm took over and he favoured Scotty. One of the older boys, Kevin Andrews, did speak up on behalf of Dutton but Malcolm didn’t listen, so then Peter’s mum had a word to us.”

It is believed Mr Dutton’s mum’s request fell on deaf ears, and there is even talk it backfired with talk in the lunchroom of Treasurer Scott Morrison allegedly flushing Mr Dutton’s head down the toilet in retaliation.

When reached for comment, Mr Morrison denied the claims, however he did want it on record that his dad could beat up Mr Dutton’s dad in a fight.

Mark Williamson

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