Children To Be Taught Not To Bully Homophobes In Order To Create ‘Safe Schools’

safe schools

The Turnbull Government is putting the finishing touches on a nation-wide anti-bullying campaign that will teach students that it is not OK to bully homophobes. The initiative follows an exchange between Opposition leader Bill Shorten and Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, which concluded with Shorten calling Bernardi a homophobe.

A spokesperson for the Government explained the new initiative, saying: “Look Mr Shorten is totally out of line in calling Cory a homophobe. That’s just too far, could you imagine the hurt and suffering Cory is feeling right now?

“If this program can stop one little homophobe from being bullied at school imagine what they will grow up to be: a sportsman, an online troll or even a Liberal senator.”

However, not everyone in the Government is comfortable with the new initiative,with one minister saying: “This is a total sham, poor old Malcolm had to give Cory something to calm him down, just be thankful that he chose this rather than Cory’s initial proposal to bring back stoning.”

The anti-bullying program will be introduced to schools later this year. The pack will include a text book, pamphlets and DVD co-narrated by Ray Hadley and Mark Latham.

Mark Williamson

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