Stripper Accidentally Visits Labor Party Meeting


An exotic dancer has confessed that she once entered a Labor Party branch meeting but turned around and left once she realised what was going on.

“I was booked to do a bloke’s fiftieth birthday party but turned up at the wrong scout hall and instead interrupted what was obviously a meeting of the ALP,” said pole dancer Cherry Ontop. “I didn’t want to be associated with all the dodgy property developers and grim looking blokes in ill fitting parkas so I left immediately, but not before one of the guys tucked a pamphlet telling me about the benefits of trade union membership into my garter belt.”

The revelation follows on from Labor leader Bill Shorten’s confession that he once visited a strip club.

“Because there were so many girls in nurse’s uniforms I assumed that I was I entering a meeting of the HWU,” said Shorten about his seventy seven accidental visits to strip clubs. “I was very pleased that when I visited a male strip club that all the guys were complying with OH & S regulations and wearing hard hats and hi-vis shirts. Well, to begin with they were.”

Shorten has confirmed that it is Labor policy to oppose the privatisation of dances.

Peter Green

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