Planning Underway For The Inaugural Scott Morrison Pride March

morrison map

Planning is underway for the inaugural Scott Morrison Pride March. The event will be held on July 3 to honour and acknowledge the difficulties Mr Morrison has faced as a rich white Christian male who opposes same-sex marriage and treating asylum seekers with dignity.

A spokesperson for Mr Morrison told The (un)Australian how much the march means to the Treasurer, noting: “This is a great honour for Scott and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The poor fellow has had to endure people disagreeing with him this year and questioning his decision making.”

“As a rich white Christian male, his word should be honoured and his opinions followed.”

Professor of White, Middle-Class Male Studies at Yabbi Creek University, Reginald Huntingdon told The (un)Australian: “The white middle-class male is seeing tremendous change in its world. Whereas previously they ruled the world unchallenged, now they simply rule it and have to be seen to be open to challenges and accept others as equals.”

|There has been no official announcement on where the planned Scott Morrison Pride march will be held, however Cronulla beach is believed to be the likely venue.  It is in Mr Morrison’s electorate and has a history of holding events for entitled white males.

Mark Williamson

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  1. What a bigot morrison is i believe the liberals will loose anyway they carry on like a bunch of clowns..


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