Pauline Hanson Calls For Royal Commission Into How Australians Use The Toilet


One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has called upon the Turnbull government to hold a Royal Commission into how Australians use their toilets. It follows reports that the Australian Tax Office has recently installed squat toilets for its employees.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Ms Hanson said: “I’m sure a lot of Australians like myself are puzzled by toilets and how people use them, so it makes sense that we investigate. I mean how do we know that terrorists are not cooking up chemical weapons in their toilets?”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was asked his thought on a Royal Commission into using a toilet, declaring: “Well some bank branches do have toilets, so in a way a Royal Commission into banks could be extended to cover toilet usage.”

When reached for comment, Malcolm Turnbull asked if we “were taking the piss?”,  a comment taken as a statement of support into the toilet Royal Commission.

Mark Williamson

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