NSW Debt Free Following Big Win On The Pokies


The NSW Government has declared that the state budget is back in the black after a big win on the Queen of The Nile pokie machine over the weekend.

Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian spoke to The (un)Australian about the win, saying: “The Premier and I were keen to kick on after seeing the Sharks win the Grand Final, but by the time we got to the city everything was closed except for the Star casino.

“So we headed there, plonked ourselves down on the machines and wouldn’t you know it, six hours later we walked out cashed up. Tax breaks for all! All those earning over $80,000 a year!”

When reached for comment, NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley condemned the government’s use of gambling to fund the state, saying: “Appalling that they relied on pokies to bring the budget back into the black, why couldn’t they have relied on greyhounds? Are they too good for the dishlickers?

“This premier is out of control, I promise if I’m made premier, the state of NSW will ride on the back of the greyhounds all the way to prosperity.”

The NSW state budget is expected to stay in the black for as long as the Treasurer’s lucky run on the pokies lasts.

Mark Williamson

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