Scott Morrison Tells First Home Buyers To Consider Selling Their Organs

Scott Morrison

Treasurer Scott Morrison has spoken out about Australia’s housing affordability crisis and called upon aspiring first home owners to consider all options including selling their organs for cash on the black market.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Morrison expanded on his thoughts, saying: “Buying a house is tough and we do need to make sacrifices, I mean when I bought my first home I cut out all meals that included avocado and saved my deposit in no time.”

“Now admittedly it was a bit cheaper back then to buy a home so why not make a few sacrifices, like a kidney? I mean most of us have two and if you are buying your home with your wife then there’s four kidneys to sell off to a rich billionaire.”

Mr Morrison also called upon the States to consider a change in legislation to enable young aspiring homeowners to sell their organs locally, saying: “South Australia is constantly after submarines and handouts, why don’t they legalise organ harvesting, that’ll shore up their budget.”

The Prime Minister could not be reached for comment on his Treasurer’s musings however acting Prime Minister George Christensen was supportive of the idea especially when it came to having “a few spare kidneys floating around for sale.”

Mark Williamson

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