Eric Abetz Shocked To Learn That BBQ Conversations Don’t Revolve Around 18c



Tasmanian Senator and the Coalition’s closest living link to the Third Reich Eric Abetz, was shocked to learn over the summer that most BBQ conversations don’t revolve around repealing section 18c of the racial discrimination act.

A shocked Senator Abetz spoke to The (un)Australian about his BBQ experiences, saying: “I have to say I was mightily shocked to be invited to a BBQ, and then when I turned up people were talking about issues such as sport and what they planned to do on New Year’s eve rather than the pressing issue of 18c and how it is stopping our free speech.

“I mean, whenever I talk to my friend Andrew Bolt, all he seems to talk about is 18c and how climate change is a myth, clearly people hosting BBQs need to be more like Andrew and myself. I mean 18c is stopping people from saying what they think, I mean at one party I met a fellow from India and I wanted to show him my impression of Mahatma Coat, but section 18c stopped me.”

A guest at the BBQ in question told The (un)Australian: “Eric was invited because it was a street BBQ and you can’t leave someone out, but damn we wish we did. He arrived in a suit and handed out copies of Tony Abbott’s book Battlelines to everyone, then when he approached Vic Singh he seemed to freeze up and started ranting about 18c and Andrew Bolt. It was weird mate.”

Mark Williamson

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